10 tips for choosing a domain

If you want to register a new domain, you should first read our helpful guide where we list ten valuable tips for your domain purchase!

If you want to register a new domain, you should first read our helpful guide where we list ten valuable tips for your domain purchase!


1. Choose the right ending

Endings such as .com, .de or .org create more possibilities when choosing domains. Even if a domain name with a certain ending has already been assigned, the same address with another ending may still be available. Sedo gives you a quick overview of what is available.

Please note that the ending must be appropriate for your website. You should only choose an ending such as .nyc if your website is actually regionally restricted.


2. Domains should be short and memorable

A good domain can be quickly memorized by the customer. Domains should therefore be as short and to the point as possible. Well thought-out domains that are not memorable are not optimal in a effective domain stragegy . Simple domain names also contribute to a faster distribution.


3. Register your domains with and without hyphens

When registering new domains, always save the variant with a hyphen and the variant without a hyphen together. What use is the domain  coffee-cups.com if your competitor secures the domain coffeecups.com shortly after?

If you own both domain variants, you will be one step ahead of your competitors and can be sure that potential customers will not accidentally end up on a competitor’s website. Basically, you should get used to registering several domains at once taking in account all variants.


4. Appropriate use of numbers in domains

Numbers are often found as an addition to a domain. When it comes to shopping sites, the number 24 is particularly popular, because it suggests constant accessibility. However, numbers should not dominate the domain name. It must be clear at a glance what the number means. It is best if the number has a clear reference to your own brand. If it must contain a number, as for example with www.brands4friends.com, the advertised variant brandsforfriends.com should also be included in the portfolio at the same time.


5.  Purchase domains that already exisit

It is not always necessary to register a new domain. You will find that almost all good descriptive domain names are already in use. Often it is possible to buy already registered domains from the owner. In many cases this alternative is better versus pursuing an available a domain that is not really suitable. SEDOSedohelps to bring buyers and sellers of domains together. Here you can quickly see whether a domain with your desired name is for sale.


6. Avoid artificial words

The use of artificial words can coincide with  creating a new brand. Establishing a new brand is desirable, yet it can also be time-consuming and costly. An artificial word that you have thought up is less likely to be entered into the search engine. Therefore, most website operators should avoid using artificial words when registering a domain.


7. Always register domains in singular and plural

A simple trick is to register a domain both in its singular and plural forms. You should already do this because resourceful traders are always on the lookout for such domains. If someone has forgotten to secure the plural version of a singular domain, they run the risk that a seasoned domain trader will seize this opportunity forthemselves . Then later  you would have to buy the plural domain from this domain investor at an even higher price.


8. Use keywords sparingly

Keywords can be an important part of domain names. But simply stringing together  keywords should be avoided. "Buy", "shop" or "repair" are popular components of domains, but the recognition value is low.

The stringing together of keywords should help to achieve a better ranking in Google's hit lists. Although, if you use too many keywords, the domain is no longer memorable enough.


9. Use generic domains correctly

With a generic domain, the second level domain is formed by a generic term. A nice example are the domains auto.com or bike.com.

With a domain like bike.com, it is obvious that the offer refers to the English language area. Generic domains are generally very popular and in many cases already assigned. But even here, don't hesitate to make a purchase attempt at Sedo, because in many cases owners want to sell their domains.


10. Conduct a trademark search

Brands should be carefully integrated into domains. Anyone who is not well acquainted with trademark rights should seek professional advice. Otherwise, it is important to conduct an intensive trademark search. Trademark owners will not ignore an infringement of their rights when their trademarked terms or ideas are used without their permsission .

Another reason why the use of trademarks is not very effective is should your website be too similiar to to what your competitors offer, confusion for visitors to your site can easily arise. It is better to distinguish yourself from other websites with the domain name and use trademarks sparingly.