.Biz delayed / .Info soaring

.Biz Waiting While .Info Reaches Milestone

.Biz Registration Begins November 7


NeuLevel, the company responsible for the new TLD .biz, has delayed the new domain extension’s open registration to November 7.


The .biz registration was slated to begin on October 23, but delayed by the company in order to sort out legal issues and face a lawsuit that contended it was running an illegal lottery in their preliminary registration process.


NeuLevel claimed that with an extra two weeks to test the registration system, it could avoid similar problems faced by Afilias, the .info registrar, when they began open registration.


Source: Stellin, Susan. ”Registration for .Biz is Delayed.”; New York Times On The Web: www.nytimes.com. 22 October 2001.


.Info Names Taking Off


Afilias has reported a .info milestone: 500,000 .info names have been registered since the sunrise period in July.


The response has been global: people in more than 70 countries have registered .info domains. Europeans have registered more than half of the domains, with 30% coming from Germany alone. 40% of the registrations came from North America, where the .com still remains king, but may be for the first time meet the some competition.


Despite criticism and hassles confronted during its sunrise and beginning open registration periods, Afilias claims the global results are what it expected.


Sources: McAuliffe, Wendy. “Dot-Info making a Name for Itself.” ZDnet(UK). 25 October 2001.