.Biz open for Business

NeuLevel Ready for Surge in Registration


On Wednesday, November 7 at 00:00:01 EST NeuLevel officially opened for business 160,000 pre-registered .biz domain names from over 150 countries. Registration is now in effect for names on a first-come first-serve basis, and expecting millions of names to be registered in the coming months, NeuLevel has geared up for the surge.


The .com Top Level Domain was established as an abbreviation for the word "commerce", and was hence aimed for businesses when it was launched fifteen years ago. As any Internet novice knows, however, the TLD has become the epitome of the online community, and many owners of general, descriptive .com names have been able to make a fortune off of its popularity.


Now that many good .com names are taken, NeuLevel sees the dawning of the .biz era as the future for a business presence online.


"In many ways the Internet today is like the wild, wild west. It was never designed for commercial use. .Biz is where business will be conducted in the future because it has what the business community needs: superior technology, better security and a platform to facilitate the business transactions of the future. This isn't just the future of the Internet; this is the future of business," said Douglas Armentrout, CEO of NeuLevel.


For a list of .Biz registrars around the world visit NeuLevel.biz



Source:NeuLevel Press Release; 7 Nov. 2001: www.NeuLevel.com