DomainDiscover joins the SedoMLS Premium network!

December 12, 2011

This month saw the addition of registrar DomainDiscover to the SedoMLS Premium Network. SedoMLS Premium partners like DomainDiscover help your domain listings reach the widest possible audience of interested buyers. Now, any domain registered with DomainDiscover can be listed in the SedoMLS Premium network. Since any potential buyer can carry out the domain purchase directly at, the conversion on any domain listing that you, as a seller, have activated in the SedoMLS Premium network increases threefold!

With each new registrar partner, your chances of making a sale increase. As the largest domain distribution network worldwide, SedoMLS supports more TLDs than any other and has over 60 partners like DomainDiscover who help domain sellers make more sales, more quickly, and domain buyers to find the domain name they need.

To benefit fully from SedoMLS, you should activate your domains for SedoMLS Premium.