.es Domain Registration Opens!

The rush to register .es domains has begun.

The final stage of the .es tld liberalisation has been reached. On November 8, 2005, the Spanish domain name registry fully opened the doors to Spanish registrations, eliminating the strict registration requirements. Registrations are now available on a first come first served bases.


The time schedule for registering .es domains is as follows:

  • November 8, 2005, 7 am CET, domains names starting in numbers, or the letters "a" and "b" may be registered.
  • The letters "c" to "e" will be added November 9th, 7am CET
  • The letters "f" to "n" from November 10th, 7am CET
  • Open registration starts November 11th, 7am


In the past, due to restrictions those whom did not operate out of Spain were not able to register the .es version of their domain. Consequently the Spanish domain has been slow to grow compared to other European domains and many good domains are still free. The liberalisation is expected to expedite the growth.


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For more about the .es liberalisation and its projected growth see the recent Sedo article Viva .ESpana - Liberalisation of the .es TLD