.insurance: domain marketing for the insurance industry

Insurance companies including startups within this sector are setting good examples of how to effectively use domains.


Clever domain marketing for the insurance industry: The rise of insurtechs

We all need insurance – and with the coming of digitalization a growing number of start-ups with smart ideas have established themselves in the highly competitive insurance market. No paper work, no unnecessary costs and ensuring efficient service – all of these are easy to execute via smartphone apps. Domain marketing is an important ingredient for long-term success in the insurance industry.

Axa leads the way with top level domain .axa

In 2014, the Axa group was the very first insurance company worldwide to use its name as a domain ending, meaning it was possible to obtain a quote from any web address with the .axa domain. Although the domain https://versicherung.axa (versicherung is German for insurance) directed visitors to the main pages in Germany, Switzerland and Axa International, nothing else happened for a number of years. Then in 2017, in conjunction with Fizzy, the French corporation introduced a new type of policy so airline passengers could insure themselves against delays using fizzy.axa. If travelers visit this website and see the branding of such a well-known insurance name, it can evoke a feeling of trust. Another website for French speaking users looking for insurances is go.axa. As of today, there are many more website projects under the TLD .axa. This is what clever domain marketing looks like.

Insurtechs mix it up in the market

Then there are digital insurance brokers like CLARK, a start-up that attracted $29 million from investors. Since establishing itself in 2015, this so-called insurtech has gained around 100,000 customers. Insurtech is a new word coined from combining the words insurance and technology to describe companies who are developing new business models in the insurance sector. This start-up in particular secured an easy-to-remember domain with the web address: clark.de. The domain marketplace Sedo helped transfer the domain between the buyer and seller.  Unfortunately, clark.com is owned by a company offering shopping deals, but the owners of clark.de could still try to purchase the domain from its current owner with the help of a broker.

The insurtech start-up Simplesurance was established in 2012 and opted for a very promising domain name that hinted at insurance. This proved to be a great success and in 2018 Rakuten and Allianz X invested $24 million in this Start-up . Today the company has some 150 employees proving the digital insurance market really is booming!

If you are considering entering the digital insurance industry you need to know that operators usually require an official license given out by government financial regulatory agencies. Only then may a digital insurance broker operate an insurance business. This ensures that insurtech customers are just as secure to use these services as with traditional insurance companies.

Long, cumbersome and expensive – insurance domain names

Insurance companies have utilized some pretty unattractive domain names, and frequently gravitate towards some of the longest domain names sold. Here are a few examples: insurancespecialist.com, insurance-supermarket.com, insuranceagencyaccounting.com and insuranceforseniorcitizens.com

Domain names for insurance businesses are also among the most expensive domains:

  • Insurance.com changed ownership in 2010 for $35 million.
  • CarInsurance.com went for nearly $50 million also in 2010

.insurance for the international insurance industry

The domain ending .insurance has provided opportunities for domain marketing in the international insurance industry since June 2016. It has been and will continue to be especially effective for insurers and brokers targeting international audiences.

Leading the field – .versicherung since 2014

The domain ending .versicherung was established in August 2014 for insurance businesses in German-speaking countries. Here, companies in the insurance industry can use domains with the ending .versicherung, for example “haftpflicht.versicherung”(translation: liability.insurance).

Advantages of domain endings .insurance and .versicherung

Ideally a domain ending should only be accessible to certain target groups to indicate a reputable provider. With the domain ending “.insurance” and “.versicherung” this works because:

  • The registration of a domain name is only permitted to licensed companies in the insurance sector. These can be licensed primary, reinsurance and social insurers, insurance authorities, brokers, insurance industry associations and other service providers in the sector.
  • The US company, Symantec verifies every application. These domains have high security standards comparable to those of banking domains, so that only reputable companies can hold an .insurance domain.
  • Because of the domain name ending, website visitors already associate the domain with insurance before clicking on the link. That way you as owner of this domain have a competitive edge and an advantage in domain marketing. For these reasons, domains with the ending .insurance are suitable for both start-ups and established providers. It is also possible to work with a redirect.

Examples of .insurance domains

Website visitors remember shorter names more easily and the .insurance ending is particularly useful for domain names in English-speaking regions.

High-value domain names include:

  • car.insurance
  • health.insurance
  • disability.insurance
  • homeowner.insurance
  • life.insurance

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