New Service to Capture \"Recycled Traffic\"

Find Expiring Domain Names with Built-in Traffic and Search Engine Listing

The most valuble commodity on the internet today is search engine traffic. Unfortunately, most of the traditional options for developing search engine traffic are expensive and time-consuming: You can pay large fees to a search engine optimization firm, bid for high placement on the major engines, or pay $299 to Yahoo (and wait a few months) to be listed in their directory.


Now, an innovative new service offers a better solution: Purchase "Recycled Traffic". Every day, hundreds of domain names are left to expire by their previous owners. Many of these domain names are already listed in Yahoo and other directories, and some receive search engine traffic. Rather than condemn all of these would-be visitors to frustration and a "Page Not Found" error, why not purchase the expiring domain and graciously redirect them to your own site?


This is the insight behind, a new service offering a user friendly, searchable index of expiring domains. The site’s search tool lets webmasters find expiring domains according to keyword and search engine ranking.


For example, we searched the listings to see if we could pick up a little recycled traffic for and found the name "", formerly a site selling .cc domain names ("hey, perfect!") with a respectable link popularity of around 700. We dropped a few bucks to renew the name, and now sends about 25 targeted visitors per day our way. Not too bad for less than 10 bucks a year!


You can try out the search engine yourself for free at, but the actual domains are hidden until you become a member.