No reserve .CO Auction coming soon!

Exclusive auction event will run July 23-30

BOSTON, Mass. – July 16, 2020 - In honor of .CO’s 10th anniversary we’ll be hosting a special .CO - auction event with mainly English keyword domains from July 23-30. Also, we would like to share a few data points on .CO’s performance on Sedo’s marketplace within the last decade. This gives some great insight for any domain investor.


This is a closed auction with no open application phase. The 100+ domains in the auction were chosen by Sedo’s Team.


Parameters for this event:

  • Only .CO generic names, mostly English with a few select Spanish domains
  • No Reserve pricing, minimum bid of 99 USD/EUR


Exclusive Noteworthy Domains in the Auction:


You can view the entire auction inventory here.


Why the Public loves .CO and some interesting data insights:


A .CO website has the exact same potential to rank well within search engines - assuming it provides valuable content.  And these .CO domains have more availability than its comparable counterparts, giving you more flexibility and saving you money on pricier options. .CO domains provide shorter, more streamlined yet memorable options that are easy to type into a browser bar. 


Public Top 10 .CO sales through Sedo 2010-2020:






















If you are interested in the Top 10 of .CO sales for 2019 only and Top Sales for even more ccTLDs, take a look at the Global Domain Market Report presented by Sedo and InterNetX.


Also, as a reminder bidders are required to complete the certification in order to place bids over $10K. (This process is available by visiting the Member Certification page: “My Sedo > Member Certification”, choose your certification level and certify your Sedo account. It only takes a few minutes to complete.)