Shortage of housing on the Internet? - Sedo finds you a home with 820,000 entries in its database!

Shortage of housing on the Internet?

Sedo - Our press release from 05/22/2000:

(Freiburg, 22. May 2000) There is an increasing shortage of Internet domain names, and it seems like the most desired domain names are no more to be found. To solve this problem, 3 students have developed the Search Engine for Domain Offers,, which searches the Internet for already registered domain names. Currently, there are about 820,000 entries in sedo's database, which come from various domain markets, auctions and lists. Anybody who wishes to sell a domain name can simply make an entry into the databank with no hassle at all.

Tim Schumacher, a business administration student, explains that there is an increasing scarcity of domain names because of the great Internet boom as well as the rapidly dropping prices of registering domain names. Late starters in the world of the Internet are finding it more and more difficult to find eye-catching yet meaning domain names. To make matters worse, there is a multitude of domain names that are being left unused, and were simply bought for investment or speculation purposes. therefore exists to bring into the marketplace these highly demanded domain names as well as to incorporate other already existing databases into its meta-search. Sedo has currently already succeeded in being the world's largest database for used domain names.

Ulrich Priesner, the chief developer, says that Sedo's databank is currently the best and fastest way to find the domain name one is looking for. Marius W├╝rzner hastened to add, "Of course it's often more expensive to buy a domain name off someone. was for example sold in the USA for 15 million DM!"

The only drawback for some would-be domain speculators is that some of the finer points of the legal aspect of the trade are still being worked out by the courts. Even so has a ready solution: it recently established a strategic partnership with where both buyers and sellers can get themselves informed about the latest development in the legal situation of the domain trade.

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