Stealth Acquisitions: Use a Neutral Domain Broker

Approaching a seller or buyer for your domains is sometimes a question of how you present yourself.

Companies and individuals seeking to register their desired domain name, often face the inevitable: it’s already taken. The most common approach is to proceed with contacting the domain’s registrant, who might be a professional domain name investor, or a third party who actually is actively using the domain.


This approach is not the best one, however. By contacting the domain’s owner directly, the potential buyer compromises their identity and lessens their ability to achieve their acquisition transparently and efficiently. Not only do buyers potentially expose their financial status, business intentions, and overall plans for the domain, but additionally, a direct communication may end up receiving a negative response that does not take into account all of the parameters related to the exchange.


When directly contacting the domain’s owner, a potential buyer can also allow emotions to get in the way which can interfere with the purchase. They may respond in a manner that compromises their identity, or create tension leading to the termination of the negotiations. Simply put, a buyer that fails to establish a positive first impression to the domain’s current owner, may never be able to acquire the domain name. It takes just one failed attempt for the pursuit to end unsuccessfully.


There is smarter approach, and it involves utilizing the services of a third party broker, who is neutral towards both parties. Naturally, the broker has to be contacted by the party interested in acquiring the domain name, and then they can proceed to reach out to the domain’s owner. What makes this approach more efficient, is the broker’s ability to provide a more insulated environment for the buyer, whose identity remains confidential. Sedo offers a professional domain acquisition service, suitable for when the domain in question is not listed for sale on the Sedo marketplace. Experienced Sedo brokers can negotiate the price on the buyer’s behalf, maintaining their anonymity and privacy.


How does this work?

The interested buyer fills out the brokerage application form that includes the domain, along with their domain acquisition budget. Within two business days, Sedo brokers perform extensive due diligence, evaluating the domain and the buyer’s budget. The domain’s history is examined, and requests with a low probability of success are declined, at no charge to the inquiring buyer.

Once the application is accepted, the buyer is charged $69 and an assigned Sedo broker begins negotiations on the buyer’s behalf, all the while maintaining the buyer’s anonymity. During the course of the negotiations, updates will be provided by the assigned Sedo broker, who might seek further details from the buyer - e.g. in the event that a higher investment limit is required to secure the domain. Essentially, Sedo brokers act as consultants to the buyer, during the entire domain acquisition process.


What happens when an agreement is reached?

Sedo’s transfer service ensures that the domain is transferred to the buyer, in exchange for payment for the domain, plus the 15% brokerage fee. It’s important to note that Sedo does not publicly release personal information about the buyer, or the seller of the domain.


To recap: Sedo offers professional services to acquire domain names on behalf of buyers, keeping their identity completely confidential and utilizing the experience and negotiation skills of its brokers. For more information, visit the Domain Acquisition Service page on